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Top Summer Activities to Keep the Learning Going

Isn't it great to have the best of both worlds? Seeing your child learning as they play? There are so many different activities to inspire children to learn while having fun. Three teachers/moms and owners of Smart Playrooms, Karri, Chris and Jennifer share some of the top summer activities just in time for your children to enjoy this summer, but keep creative juices flowing for when they return to school.

1. Get Messy
Art is one of the best opportunities for kids to express themselves and to encounter new sensory experiences. When the art studio is outside, cleaning up the mess is easy and worry-free. So bring out the paints, let loose on the oil pastels, set up the splashy water table, and if you are really brave, get the mud pies cooking! The more that they are able to experiment with a variety of materials, the more they grow as artists and thinkers.

2. Bring Indoor Toys Out
When you bring toys from the playroom outside, it gives kids whole new ways to see and use them. Open-ended toys like blocks will become something entirely new outside and will give kids more opportunity to work on executive function skills such as sorting and planning, math concepts such as shapes and balance, and the crucial opportunity to recreate the world around them. Outside, kids might just be inspired to build a miniature farmer's market!

3. Get Them Writing
Kids like to write when they know their writing has a purpose. Let them watch you write for a purpose when you write the grocery list, the to do list, the post-it reminder, or the postcard to a friend. Then give them the kinds of materials that they will need to do the same: different paper for making lists, labels, notes, letters and reminders. Chances are, whatever they see you write, they will want to write as well; and when they start to see what writing can do, they will do it even more!

4. Read, Read, Read
Parents are always asking us what they can do to help their child become a better reader, writer, and learner. Our first answer is always the same: read to them as much as you possibly can. There simply is no better way to enrich their literacy learning. Kids also get the idea that reading is a fun, enjoyable pastime when they see us reading. Summer is the perfect time to send this message. Read books together or side-by-side in the hammock, on the picnic blanket, or at the beach. Their desire to find books and begin to read on their own will naturally follow.

About Smart Playrooms
Smart Design. Smart Play.

The design, layout and organization of a play area greatly affect the behavior, independence and creativity of children. We incorporate the most effective educational and organizational strategies into a child's play area to meet the needs of children. Open-ended play materials foster educational and creative play in kids,î shares Chris Simpson, co-owner of Smart Playrooms.

Smart Playrooms encourages kids to get their creative and imaginary sparks flying during playtime. Created by three teachers/moms, the Smart Playrooms team knows how important it is to inspire children to learn and create in their own, imaginative way. Their unique teaching and classroom experience is used to design smart play spaces that will benefit children of all ages because they can
find, play, and put away the toys and materials with ease.

To learn more about Smart Playrooms please visit our website.

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