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Back to School Checklist: Top Ten Things to Do!

August is the month to make sure your kids are prepared to go back to school. Planning NOW will help you and your kids be relaxed about heading back in September. Keep the discussion about going back to school positive and upbeat. Take the time to discuss the great things about going back to school in September like seeing friends again, finding out what class they will be in and what teacher they will have. Talk about what kind of lunches they like to take to school and what classes and activities they like best. Have a discussion about signing up for new after school activities or school clubs too. Here is a brief checklist to help you:

  1. Book your children's annual checkups at the doctor, dentist and optometrist. Prepare a list of questions or concerns if you have any.

  2. Go through last year's school supplies to see what can be reused. Often there are supplies that can be recycled to the upcoming year.

  3. If you need to organize a carpool for school or after school activities, do it now!

  4. Go through your children's fall clothing to see what has been ruined or outgrown. This includes footwear too. Kids can grow a lot in the summer so be prepared.

  5. Check out the condition of backpacks, lunch bags, thermoses and mini ice packs. These items are used day in and day out and you many need to purchase.

  6. Discuss with your children, the types of extra-curricular activities they would like to participate in, in the fall. Call around for information, registration dates and program brochures. Many register early!

  7. Plan a family participation activity to do weekly in the fall. Join a museum, fitness facility or visit the library together. There are family martial arts classes, family yoga classes, family gym and swim classes, family storytime etc.

  8. Purchase tickets to family theatre or con-certs series. These are activities that kids love and enjoy along side of parents

  9. Clean out your children's closets to see what needs to be thrown out, replaced or donated to a charity.

  10. Plan an end of summer party or activity for your family to celebrate the transition back to school.

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