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Focus on Education 2022

Next to unconditional parental love and quality family time, your child must have a well-balanced education to be successful in today's challenging world. Even at the pre-school level, parents are shopping for programs that best suit the needs of their children. Many parents are looking outside the public-school system in search of smaller classrooms, language immersion, religious and cultural training, greater discipline, experienced, enthusiastic motivating, teachers and a variety of extracurricular activities. Public school systems are realizing that to keep their students and attract new ones, they too must offer specialized programs. Ensuring that your child's school experience is a positive one starting from the pre-school years should be every parent's priority! This year you will be able to school shop in your pajamas on your sofa with all schools offering virtual school open houses. It is a great opportunity to visit schools you may have considered but did not have time to learn more about.

Here are some suggestions to consider when school shopping:

  • How many children in a classroom?
  • Is there an active parent council?
  • Is the environment clean, safe and well maintained?
  • Does the staff (principal, teachers and office staff seem friendly and helpful?
  • Are the halls filled with the works of the students?
  • Do the teachers speak to the children respectfully?
  • How are children disciplined for unacceptable behaviour?
  • Is the library busy and well stocked?
  • Do you see parents volunteering in the classrooms?
  • Is there a modern computer and science lab?
  • Are there a variety of extracurricular clubs and sports programs?

Be assertive and detail your child's personality when you go to an interview.

Write down all the answers given so that you can go home and compare notes.

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Casa Montessori & Orff Elementary School
Albert Einstein – “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”

If your dreams include a child who really loves school, is an independent and creative thinker, and who thinks and cares about others, then you are certainly doing the right thing by giving your child the gift of a Montessori education.

In 1991, five Winnipeg Montessori teachers conceived the unique idea of merging the Montessori principles of education with the Orff method of teaching music. Their vision, in the spirit of both Maria Montessori and Carl Orff’s philosophies, was to create an environment that would touch the imagination of the child and stimulate learning in a creative and independent environment. And so began the journey of Casa Montessori and Orff School from a pre-school program for 2-6 year olds to the addition in 2008 of the first and only recognized Elementary Montessori program in Winnipeg. The Elementary program is highly enriched and challenging. Children have the opportunity to learn absolutely amazing things in an independent and creative environment. There are three main components in the program: The first is the Mastery of Fundamental Skills and acquisition of basic knowledge found in a traditional curriculum including math, language, geography, botany, zoology, history, art, geometry, physics, chemistry, French, and music.

The Great Stories are the second component. They are presented as inspiring stories and include the story of how the world began, the development of plant and animal life on earth, the story of humankind, the history of language, math and technology. They are intended to give children a perspective of the Earth we live in and humanity’s place within the universe. The third component is Individual Chosen Research. Students gather information, assemble projects and share what they have learnt with their fellow classmates. Their oral presentation and written research reports grow in sophistication and complexity over the years.

Learning continues to be a hands-on experience and the Montessori materials that were used in the pre-school classrooms are used in an even more sophisticated manner. The unique peace curriculum enables the development of a small community in which children learn to work together, become involved in charities and community service projects and ultimately prepare students for life.

A student’s Elementary education culminates with an amazing experience at the Montessori Model United Nations in New York. Students step into the shoes of Ambassadors of other countries, debate international issues, negotiate and resolve conflicts while navigating the UN’s rules procedures.

Call (204) 487-6167 to schedule your personal Zoom tour! Please visit our website and our facebook page for more information.

Children's House Montessori
Children's House Montessori School at 150 Pacific Avenue has provided a unique education to young children of Winnipeg since 1967. Our school is housed in a two storey building of over 6000 sq. ft. The upper level contains our classroom and music room, while the lower level consists of a large indoor gym/creative movement area. We also have a large fenced outdoor classroom. Children's House offers a high quality learning environment for children ages 2 1/2 to 6, five days a week from September to June, in half-day sessions. The educational program is based on the work of Maria Montessori and emphasizes the development of all aspects of the child. The warm and friendly staff at Children's House are committed to providing a non-competitive environment that fosters within each child a love of learning, self-motivation, independence, responsibility and self- confidence while allowing the children to exercise their natural curiosity and creativity. They learn to respect their surroundings, each other and themselves. A Department of Education accredited Kindergarten program is offered as an integral part of the Children's House program. Kindergarten-aged children have the option of attending either full day or half day sessions. Children's House also offers an Orff-based music program.

We hope to hold our Kindergarten Information Evening on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 6:30. If we are unable due to pandemic guidelines, further information will be available on our website.

If you are considering enrolling your child, you are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the school by calling 956-1622; Registration for September is now in progress.

Montessori Academy
Montessori Academy offers unique alternative. Parents searching for a unique alternative in child care and education for their children may find what they’re looking for at the Montessori Academy, located at 870 Scotland Avenue. The school serves over 200 children from ages 12 months to Grade 4. This purpose-built facility, has an onsite indoor swimming pool, child friendly playground and a Music room. The teaching method allows children to develop at their own pace, assisted by the guidance of trained Montessori teachers. Whether an activity’s purpose is developing pencil grip, recognizing geometric shapes, learning sounds and numbers, reading phonetically, or developing eye hand coordination, the Method promotes enjoyment of the learning process. Full and part time programs offered. The School has served the community for over 30 years.

Contacrt us for more information:

The Little Years School Inc
The Little Years School Inc., a nursery school program, is accepting registration forms for the 2022-2023 Academic School Year. We are located in three classrooms within Ralph Maybank Elementary School at 20 Donnelly Street in Fort Garry, Pembina Trails School Division.

We are proud to be a bountiful nursery school with a variety of programs to choose from. The two day/week program runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings or afternoons at a cost of $83.20/month. The three day/week program runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings or afternoons at a cost of $124.80/month. Our Basic French program is offered M/W/F afternoons for $124.80/month. And we offer a 5 day/week program for $208.00/month. Our programs run from September to June.

Our dedicated and devoted teachers, and very well-equipped classrooms provide quality preschool education in a safe, fun, spacious, clean, and stimulating atmosphere. All teachers have a minimum of Early Childhood Educator II accreditation. Our director is an Early Childhood Educator III, with a Bachelor of Education degree. Children participate in free play, printing practice, crafts, arts and science centres, music and movement, learning circles, snack time, movement time and story time. Each child brings their own healthy (all nut free) foods for snack time.

For more information on the school or to start the application registration process contact the Director, at 204-489-0303 or
e-mail us at

You can also check out our website for a Virtual Tour.

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Balmoral Hall School
BH Beginnings is a full-time, year-round childcare and nursery program for 2- and 3-year-old girls. In our welcoming, government licensed facility, our trained staff use an interdisciplinary approach to encourage the development of the whole child. We take inspiration from Reggio Emilia in order to provide invitations to learn that are built around inquiry-based experiences. Our educators don’t view themselves as just teachers and curriculum planners, we view ourselves as co-constructors of knowledge and a supporter of the competent child.

Nestled in the heart of Winnipeg on the banks of the Assiniboine River, we are able to foster a deep connection to nature as our students explore the expansive green spaces of Balmoral Hall School each day, which turn into a winter wonderland when it snows! Our campus features a landscaped, natural playground, a life-sized playhouse, and hundreds of mature trees that provide natural shade in the summer.
Lifelong friendships begin and flourish as we emphasize that social and emotional learning, including communication, independence and confidence, is just as important as formal academics in these early years. We deliver a balanced program that guides girls to develop in all domains, encompassing physical, cultural, emotional, social and academic needs all through child-directed activities that have been thoughtfully prepared by our experienced educators.

As our parents have learned through their daily online report, this usually means a little bit of mess, a lot of laughter, and a ton of fun! You can also get a daily snapshot of life in BH Beginnings on our popular Instagram page @bhbeginnings.

Join us at our upcoming live virtual Open House sessions on February 10th and 11th. Go to our website to register.

Beautiful Savior Lutheran School
Beautiful Savior Lutheran School (BSLS) is celebrating 25 years of providing 'Excellent in Education, Under the Gospel'. BSLS is not just a school, we are all brothers and sisters through Christ making our community atmosphere feel like family. Everyone is welcome and treated equally. BSLS offers smaller classroom sizes which allows students to have more one on one time with the teachers, it provides a greater personal gain per student and by grade 8, our students have grown to be strong and confident individuals. All students receive an enriched and completed K-8 Manitoba Education Curriculum, they attend weekly Chapel services and have in class daily devotions. Each student also receives daily physical education, music and French all starting at the Kindergarten level. To find out more information about the only Lutheran School in Manitoba please visit our website or cennect with us by e-mail.

Calvin Christian School
Elementary Campus K - Grade 6 and Collegiate Campus Grade 7 - 12

Since 1960, Calvin Christian has provided Christian families with a secure and enriching learning environment in which God's children can explore, experience and evaluate all of life under the Lordship of Christ.

As a faith-based institution, our dedicated teaching staff develops and provides students with a solid academic program based on the biblical truth that God is revealed in all things. Calvin provides favorable teacher-student ratios and promotes strong relationships and long lasting friendships. Our graduates successfully enter post-secondary programs of their choice, many of them receiving entrance scholarships.

In addition to academics, Calvin Christian offers an outstanding athletic and performing arts program at the high school level. Students also have the opportunity to participate in service learning opportunities both locally and internationally. As a school, we seek to have our students become "difference makers" and culture changers.

Information Evenings: Elementary - February 8 at 7:00 p.m. 245 Sutton Ave.; Collegiate - February 15 at 7:00 p.m. 706 Day Street. In addition, there are Open Houses Thursdays at both our campuses - 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To learn more about our programs or to register for an upcoming virtual open house, visit our website.

St. Maurice School(K-12) of St. Vital Roman Catholic Church
We are the largest Catholic school in the province of Manitoba. Since 1958 we have established a tradition of academic excellence within a structured learning environment permeated by Christian values. Since 1991 our high school graduates have gone on to be meaningful contributors to society both in their chosen vocation and in their acts of Christian service. You can read some of their stories on our web page in the "Admissions" tab under the heading "Read My Story". Over 93% of our graduates continue on to postsecondary studies. Invariably they come back to visit and tell us, "We were well prepared!"

Along with a strong faith and academic culture, our school has developed into a vibrant community with a family atmosphere where students feel welcomed, safe and at home.

Other Highlights of St. Maurice School:

  • School Uniform K-12
  • High level debating and public speaking program
  • Award winning High School Business Education Program
  • Grade 12 Advanced Placement Courses
  • Over 35 Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Non-semestered year-long courses in high school
  • Liturgical celebrations at St. Vital Parish Church
  • Campus Ministry Program
  • Christian Service Program Grades 7-12

St. Maurice School is a full service education institution:

  • St. Maurice Daycare (ages 1-5), adjacent to the school buildings
  • Healthy Lunch program for Grades 1 to 6 (Mon-Fri)
  • Before and After School Program for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students
  • Before and After School Study Halls for Grade 7-12 students.
  • School Cafeteria with daily food services for Grades 7-12

St. John’s-Ravenscourt School
St. John’s-Ravenscourt (SJR) School is committed to offering innovative, vibrant, and creative learning opportunities, where students thrive within a diverse educational program. With more than 30 different co-curricular clubs, students can explore opportunities that reinforce the four pillars of an SJR Education: Academic Excellence, Creative Expression, Social Responsibility, and Active Healthy Living.

Students at SJR are well-equipped with the skills needed to suit their chosen program of study. 100% of graduating students are accepted to leading post-secondary schools, nationally and internationally, and 98% are accepted to their first choice of university program.

SJR cultivates community leaders who demonstrate confidence, integrity, and resilience. Our graduates strive for excellence in their post-secondary careers and beyond, applying the tools they’ve developed to grow as critical thinkers, advocates for healthy living, and active community members.

For parents wishing to enroll their children in meaningful, impactful, and transformative educational opportunities, the fundamental strengths, goals, and possibilities offered at SJR makes it the ideal choice for Winnipeg parents.

Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary & Middle Schools
“The WMEMS community is amazing because it extends beyond the expected. It is seen in former students stopping by for a visit; it is seen in parent volunteers tearing up at the thought of helping out at their last hot lunch day; it is seen in the school parents and families going above and beyond to make our school better. I am so thankful for the role that WMEMS has had in showing me what is possible when we serve a God who always keeps His promises.” ~ Pamela Doerksen, WMEMS alumni/staff

Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary & Middle Schools is committed to providing a strong academic foundation for students through our Christ-centred education. We are able to do this thanks to our vibrant community of highly engaged families and staff. We want you to be a part of that community.

Learn more about our K-8 programs at our website.


ADDing Performance
The ADD Centre’s Neurofeedback Brain Training is proven 91% successful in resolving ADHD symptoms, removes the need for medication and worries about side-effects. Learning, self-esteem, behaviour and social skills are improved. The skill of managing one's brain once learned lasts a lifetime. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback have demonstrated results with ASD, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities, and Mood, Headaches, Stress and Sleep issues including Bed Wetting, Nightmares and Bruxism. Biofeedback trains students, athletes and adults to be calm, relaxed and focused during critical tasks such as exams, competitive sports and work. Achieve optimal performance with the same training used by Canada’s Olympians and professional athletes. Our Sports and Business Performance programs gives athletes and professionals the winning edge. Children and adults can train anytime or take part in the “Boot Camp for the Brain” summer program to achieve life-time success. We offer psychological assessments and treatment for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.

Contact us by phone at 204-897-4493, by e-mail, or visit our website and our Facebook page for more information.

Sylvan Learning
At Sylvan Learning, we believe that education is everything! A child’s future depends on a solid education and a love of learning. We teach your child how to learn, so he or she builds the confidence and skills to be successful in school and beyond. We know that every parent wants the best for their children in school and in life. Choosing Sylvan is about giving your child the skills and confidence for success. From pre-kindergarten to university, we are ready to guide and support you through every step of your child’s academic journey – whether you want your child to catch up to grade level, get ahead with advanced skills or achieve the highest marks possible in pre-calculus, applied math, physics, chemistry, and biology! From tutoring, to enrichment, we are right here with you. As your child grows into a confident young adult who loves learning, we are sure you will agree, our results are truly inspiring! New to Sylvan – Robotics and Coding! Students learn how to build and program robots in our Robotics courses and learn computer programming and game design in our Coding courses. We will continue to provide the same great tutoring services, both online and in person, during COVID-19 restrictions with screening and safety measures in place.

Visit our webswite for further information.

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