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How to Learn About Social Media for Free

By Blair Kaplan Venables

The evolution of social media has been and will continue to be fast-paced. New platforms will emerge and staples to your social networking routine will vanish. Sometimes, changes happen so frequently that you can be working within a platform like Facebook, leave your computer to make a snack, and upon return something in the layout of the network has changed. It's important to understand the basics of social media and there is a bounty of resources available that will help facilitate social media education.

There are two main aspects to social media: the tactical side and the creative side. Anyone can be creative with heir posts but in order to execute your creativity, one must understand how the platform works and how to execute their ideas.

What is really fantastic is that there are many ways that you can learn about social media and a lot of that information can be found for free. Here is a roundup of a few resources that have an excess of information.

If you are someone who has a basic understanding of the social media networks that you use, a good place to spend time is the blogs of those platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more have their own blogs where they announce tips, platform updates, and other cool information. Some of the platforms even have some fun projects going on like Instagram. Instagram often has something called a "hashtag project" where they encourage you to create a post that follows a certain theme or style.

Social Media Examiner
Social Media Examiner is a company based in the U.S. and has an ear to the ground when it comes to all things social media. It publishes online magazines, blogs, and podcasts about how people can use social networks. This information can be found on our website. Most of this information is shared on their website for free, which is the icing on the cake.
If you are a cardholder to the Winnipeg Public Library then you can access for free. Within you can learn all about the magical world of social media and have access to lessons on many other topics. is considered a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn about many different topics. These lessons are taught by recognized industry experts and there is a variety of videos on each subject. Contact the Winnipeg Public Library to learn more about access to

Whenever you want to learn to do something, there's a good chance that someone has made an instructional video about it and posted it on YouTube. YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the world wide web and it's free to use. This is a great platform to explore to learn how to use certain features on social media plus you can dive deeper to seek the answers that you have to more technical social media questions.

Social media is constantly changing and how to use each platform can be altered in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the smallest change can trigger your curiosity about how to do certain things on social media. With the abundance of free social media education tools that exist, you will be able to master the world of social media faster than you think.

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