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Tech Tails: Digital Resources for Parenting in 2019

By Blair Kaplan Venables

Full disclaimer: I'm not a parent but I've been following various parenting blogs for a while. I do hope to become a mother one day soon and these websites and social media accounts are ones that I find educational and entertaining. Life doesn't need to be so serious all of the time and so please pull up the world wide web and explore these parenting resources. So, I've curated this list just for you, the fabulous parents (and future parents) of Winnipeg Parent Newsmagazine.

Scary Mommy
Parenting is an adventure and Jill Smokler, who started Scary Mommy, knows just that. In 2008 this brilliant blog began as a way for Smokler to document life at home with her children. Like a moth to a flame, this blog became a community for parents to share what life is like for them in a raw and honest way. This blog is hilarious and honest and I'm a huge fan of their social media accounts

Cat and Nat
Several mom friends of mine shared with me their love for Cat and Nat so I obviously had to check these ladies out. This mom duo is famous for their #MOMTRUTHS videos, which are hysterical. These ladies have a YouTube channel, a huge social media following, a podcast, an online store and a book (which will be out soon). Rhonda Verwey, a mom to two boys and a really good friend explained to me that, "Cat and Nat are totally relatable and real life" and that there are "Tons of nail on head moments." I 100% agree with her and I'm not even a mom yet.

The name of this blog sets the tone for the type of content that you will find upon enter the world of BLUNTmoms. Here you will find truthful and blunt articles written by moms. There's something for every mom on this blog and with categories like "Being Wives," "Being Naughty" and "Being Women," I assure you that you will be highly edutained by what content is shared. What's really awesome is that Julie Nowell, the Founder of BLUNTmoms, is a Canadian who currently resides in British Columbia.

Chantal Urbina (also known as @nutty4nutrition)
Another really good friend and new mom, Heather Farber, shared with me who @nutty4nutrition is on Instagram. She explained, "I like her because I find her very relatable. She's a Winnipeg girl, about my age and we had babies at the same time. Her posts are real and honest about the realities of being a new mom but they're also positive. I also like that there's a good balance between kid stuff, food and her personal growth." Thanks to Heather, I'm now following @nutty4nutrition on Instagram and couldn't be more stoked!

A huge thank you to all of my mom-friends who shared their favourite blogs and social media accounts with me. I've learned that everyone has a different reason for following their favourite momfluencers. Sometimes it's to learn and sometimes it's to laugh. Some moms need advice and others simply want to know that they are not alone. It's good to know that when I embark on the motherhood train, that I am not alone and that the Internet is full of humours and informative videos, memes, quotes, articles and suggestions about life as a mom.

Blair Kaplan Venables is a Communications Professional who specializes in Digital Communications (a.k.a. social media). Born and raised in Winnipeg, now living in Pemberton, BC, you can find her camping, hiking, biking,skiing or travelling around the globe. Blair's passion is to create a conversations and manage perception in the digital space and her life adventures ignite her innovation and creativity.

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Tech Tails: Digital Resources for Parenting in 2019

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