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100 Things to Do This Summer!

  1. Get tickets for the Drive-In Kidsfest June 11-13!
  2. Go berry picking
  3. Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt
  4. Have a backyard camp out
  5. Play at a local park- Visit parks in other neighbourhoods
  6. Visit the Zoo
  7. Go to The Forks
  8. Visit a splash pad or outdoor wading pool
  9. Adopt or foster a pet from the Humane Society
  10. Read a book as a family
  11. Put on a puppet show
  12. Do science experiments
  13. Have a dance party
  14. Have a backyard BBQ
  15. Head to a beach for the day
  16. Do a yoga class together
  17. Watch classic movies
  18. Visit the Children's Museum
  19. Wash the car
  20. Set up a lemonade stand
  21. Plan an outdoor picnic at the park
  22. Go for ice cream
  23. Take a day trip to a local town
  24. Visit a Farmer's Market
  25. Go for a walk in the neighbourhood
  26. Set up the sprinkler on a hot day and run through it
  27. Use recyclables and have an arts and crafts morning
  28. Build Lego freestyle
  29. Get out the sidewalk chalk let the kids create art
  30. Build a puzzle indoors on a rainy day
  31. Bake cookies or cupcakes together
  32. Play board games
  33. Have a pizza party
  34. Make artwork to post in your windows
  35. Go through closets and donate outgrown toys and clothes to a charity
  36. Visit the Manitoba Museum
  37. Find an ant hill and watch how hard they work
  38. Go to a park in another neighbourhood
  39. Play soccer or ball hockey
  40. Play croquet or corn hole
  41. Weed the garden or lawn
  42. Fly a kite
  43. Let the kids make dinner
  44. Write thank you notes with kind words to family and friends
  45. Plan a spa day
  46. Go to an area by the airport and watch the planes take off and land
  47. Plan a virtual trip, research it and find online tours in the city you are visiting
  48. Visit Fort Whyte or Oak Hammock Marsh for outdoor fun
  49. Start a family blog
  50. Teach the kids to do the laundry
  51. Tye-Dye t-shirts
  52. Do an online class
  53. Write and record a family movie
  54. Play frisbee
  55. Build a backyard obstacle course and test it out
  56. Visit a patio for dinner
  57. Go mini golfing
  58. Go to an indoor play place on a rainy day
  59. Write a poem
  60. Take family selfies
  61. Visit the Winnipeg Art Gallery
  62. Sign the kids up for day camps
  63. Video chat with friends in other cities
  64. Meditate daily
  65. Go horseback riding
  66. Take music lessons
  67. Organize your photos
  68. Try a Tic Tok dance challenge
  69. Learn a new skill on You-Tube
  70. Plan a cookies and milk party
  71. Go on a hike
  72. Make homemade frozen yogurt bars or popsicles
  73. Build a Rube Goldberg machine out of household items
  74. Visit the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden
  75. Go fishing at Lockport
  76. Buy a goldfish and accessories to look after it
  77. Visit Kildonan Park's outdoor swimming pool
  78. Donate canned goods to Winnipeg Harvest
  79. Have the kids write a letter to themselves 10 year in the future
  80. Create a 2021time capsule to bury
  81. Make homemade fruit snacks
  82. Look through family albums
  83. Make a hopscotch game and play it together
  84. Buy colouring books at the dollar store and colour together
  85. Paint the fence
  86. ecord grandparent's stories of their lives
  87. Build a marble run out of household items
  88. Play marbles outside
  89. Blow bubbles and try to build a giant bubble maker out of a hanger
  90. Listen to podcasts
  91. Go to the library and take out books and DVDs
  92. Build an indoor tent or fort with couches and some bed sheets
  93. Play Simon Says
  94. Make homemade play dough or paper mache
  95. Make a DIY bowling game using two litre soda bottles and a ball
  96. Write a letter to a teacher
  97. Have fun with hula hoops or skipping ropes
  98. Make friendship bracelets
  99. Learn sign language together
  100. Have a family paint night

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