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Fresh Into The World: Cozy + Comfy Newborn Sleep Tips

By: Karina Tummillo
Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant - WeeSleep

Bringing a new baby into the world is the most wonderful experience in the world! It is such an adrenaline rush; an overwhelming pulse of crazy wonderful emotions and sentimental moments! There are so many new things to learn about. Although family and friends provide us with much insight and helpful tips; the topic of sleep can come with conflicting advice.

Not only that, sometimes we get so caught up in the colour and theme of the nursery or the furniture and the cute wall art that we forget about what the nursery is actually for - SLEEPING!

To help you conquer your baby's sleep right from the start, here are my top 7 recommendations on how to provide a comfy and cozy space for your little one and encourage healthy sleep habits from day one.

  1. A dark space is best for naps and bedtime. Invest in blackout blinds or curtains. If you plan on travelling lots with baby; it may be worth your investment to purchase portable black out blinds.

  2. If baby is in a crib, I suggest no bumper pads. Just a sheet on a mattress is ideal and safe.

  3. Use a swaddle (I adore Miracle Blankets) for the first 3 months and always lay baby on their back for sleep.
    • Swaddling reduces the rate of SIDS, as baby cannot cover their head when swaddled or flip over and be stuck on their stomach
    • Your baby will sleep better and longer in the early days when swaddled
    • Their Moro reflex (Startle reflex) is very active at this age and quite often wakes baby up. Using the swaddle calms them and they do not wake themselves with flailing limbs

  4. Avoid hanging flashing mobiles. Lights or bright colours or anything flashing can cause stimulation. The crib is for sleeping and it is hard for babies to sleep if they are stimulated or distracted.

  5. Be done with the Sleep Sheep. I know it is adorable but it is on a 20 or 45 minute timer and this can become a sleep "prop" very quickly. Typically, when the sleep stops playing its sounds, the baby wakes thinking "hey, where did my groovy tunes go?"

  6. The optimal temperature for infant sleep is between 20 and 22.2 degrees Celsius. Do your best to keep your little one's room within this temperature.

  7. Have your child sleep in a onesie or full PJ's. I have seen parents put their fresh little newborn down to sleep in jeans and a frilly blouse. Now that CANNOT be comfy!

Congratulations and enjoy your new little one!

"Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body".?
- Elizabeth Stone

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