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Tech Tails: Summer Camp is Good for the Soul

By Blair Kaplan Venables

I went to a sleep away, outdoor focused, summer camp as a child and it was one of the best things that I have ever done in the three decades that I've been on this planet. One the day that I got home from camp I would begin counting down until I got to go back.

B'nai Birth Jewish Community Camp is partially responsible for making me who I am today. I am extremely independent and have a very deep passion for camping. In the nineties things were a bit different than they are today but I want to share with you how sending your children to summer camp can help them become better versions of themselves. Also, I know that there is a plethora of different types of summer camps, and a lot of my lessons can be applied to any camp so please read these lessons with an open mind.

Independence and Self Esteem
By attending a sleep away camp and having to fend for myself without my mother's guidance, I was given a new level of independence. This was important for my self-esteem but also sharpened my decision-making skills and confidence in life. My independence journey, via summer camp, began at age eight. I was given chores and the ability to make choices that would impact both mine and my cabin mates' experience. Nowadays, I run my own company and I contribute a portion of my success to the ability to be confident in my choices and not being scared to try new things.

Social Skills
Without being in front of a screen, and by being away from the daily grind of school, lessons, day care, etc..., by process of elimination a child is forced to be social. I was put into a cabin with other girls and together we would play sports, hike, canoe, go on overnight camping trips, do arts and crafts, eat meals and basically have all the fun in the world. A few of the girls that I met when I was eight years old are still very good friends of mine. We share a special bond and passion. In fact, when we get together there's a good chance you can convince us to sing a few songs. Friendships like this can be found at summer camp.

Discover New Passions
Camping with your family is a way dissimilar experience than camping with 11 of your friends. Camping is a passion of mine that I truly discovered at summer camp. At my summer camp I was exposed to activities like tie-dyeing, kayaking, canoeing, camping and spirit competitions. I have spirit, yes, I do. I have spirit, how about you? I was so into the camp spirit that I would lose my voice every year from singing and cheering with my friends. It's safe to say that most of those things I wouldn't have done unless I was at summer camp and a lot of those passions that I developed as a child I still embrace.

Being at summer camp, day camp or overnight camp, allows for your child to be away from their routine, and go on a path of self-discovery. There's a good chance that you child's soul will feel replenished if they have a summer camp experience. Whatever camp you choose to send you children to is a good decision and I'm excited for them.

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Tech Tails: Summer Camp is Good for the Soul

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