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Social Media Advice for New Parents

By Blair Kaplan Venables

Being a new parent is a beautiful experience. It's full of many emotions, sleepless nights and an abundance of lessons. It's also full of many special moments, some of which you want to share with the world. A somewhat controversial topic when having children is the topic of what should and should not be shared on social media. Every family has a different way that they want to approach sharing baby, child and family photos on social media and here are a few suggestions on how to do just that.

Suggestion 1: Create a private Instagram account for your child
Something that a lot of parents do is create a private social media account in the name of their child. This is where they invite family and friends to connect while managing the account, on behalf of their kid. Having a private account means that if someone wants to follow the account, they have to request permission. You are in control of who follows this account and this allows you to control who has access to see these posts. This is a fun and creative way to share and document your child's growth by taking on their online persona and posting on behalf of them.

Suggestion 2: Create a hashtag for your child
Another thing that you can do is when you do post pictures of your child to social media, you can use a hashtag that's unique to them. For example, if Instagram existed in the 80's, my mom could have used #blairdanakaplan as a hashtag anytime she made a post about me. Then, if you were to search for or click on #blairdanakaplan, all of the posts made about me on Instagram would be in one place. If you search social media and no one else is using the hashtag with your child's name, you should begin to use it. This strategy works best for Instagram.

Suggestion 3: Create a private Group for your family on Facebook
Certain social media networks allow you to create private groups. If you and your family members are in a private Facebook group, you can share images and family news without the rest of the Internet seeing what you are posting. Once someone makes the group within Facebook, they will then need to invite other family members to the group. In order to be a part of this group, you and your family members will all need to have Facebook. No desire to be on Facebook? Try using WhatsApp, which is another favourite communication tool for families that span across the globe.

There are many other tips for posting on social media and every family is going to have different rules that they choose to follow. Remember to make sure that you don't post pictures or videos of other kids unless you have permission from their parents or guardians. Also, if you are out and about doing something awesome, wait until you get home to post about it. Social media can be a beautiful place to share memories but you need to always remember to be strategic when posting about your family.

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