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February is my favourite winter month! It's the beginning of the end of winter- hopefully- and its 28 days are packed with Winter Festivals in every town and city in Manitoba. Let's celebrate winter with ice sculptures, ice fishing, jam pail curling, hockey tournaments, sleigh rides, skating, skiing and snowboarding, tobogganing, snowmen and outdoor fun! Check out our Family Fun Calendar for great ideas!

It's also I Love to Read Month so why not set up a reading centre in your home and encourage your kids to read, read, read. Read together at breakfast, dinner and at bedtime. If parents model a love of reading from the time their children are small, your kids will also love reading. Visiting the Library should be regular destination for your family! Where else can you go to find 1000's of free adventures in one place? The Library hosts reading clubs, story times and much more throughout the year. Take a trip downtown to our beautiful Millennium Library for a change of scenery.

This is our annual Focus on Education issue offering great information about schools Nursery - Senior 4, as well as supplemental educational programs available in and around Winnipeg. There are so many great options and we try to help you choose by offering some editorial to highlight each school's program. Gone are the days that kids just go to the closest school in the neighbourhood. It is important to visit Open Houses and meet with the staff in order to choose the best program for your child/children. Visit schools while they are in session to get a feel for the place. Is there artwork displayed proudly in the halls? Do you feel positive energy? Are the staff friendly and welcoming?

We are also pleased to offer great columns from our local experts like Dr. Jay Greenfeld, Blair Kaplan Venables and Maureen Penko. We are so lucky to have these highly regarded professionals offering great information in every issue. Have you signed up for our FREE digital newsletter, The Scoop? Sign up on our Facebook page or on our website and receive each issue in between copies of Winnipeg Parent. Each issue features great articles, event information, contests and recipes too.

We hope you have a great February.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Louis Riel Day!


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