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We did it! We made it through that transitional month of September, and we are flowing into those fast moving, busy months of October and November. In this issue we offer ideas about how to stay organized and keep on top of your family's schedules. As parents, it is quite a challenge to juggle work, homework, after school and weekend activities but it is important to be organized with a big calendar and colour coding for each family member. Get help with activities by forming carpools with other families. Plan each week on the weekend and remember that you can assign chores to your kids who are old enough to manage simple tasks. Young children love to help so if you get them helping when they are young, it will be part of their daily lives. Think of your family as a team. All teammates have a job and as a team you can be more successful in family life. Keep it light and fun. Try this cleaning up game I played with my kids at the end of playtime. Put on a song they like and challenge them to put away all their toys by the end of the song! Making it a fun challenge is the key!

This issue features Halloween Happenings and ideas. Kids love Halloween so get them involved in decorating and plan your costumes well in advance of the big night. Remember to focus on safety when decorating your house and choosing costumes for your children. We also focus on the topic of Family Health and Wellness in this issue. Check out the great articles by our regular local experts on important topics to your family. We are heading into cold and flu season so make sure you clean out your expired over the counter medications and purchase new ones such as pain relievers and cough and sore throat medicines. Be prepared and you won't have to make a late-night trip to the store in search of these important products.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


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