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How are you doing? There is no doubt that we are all suffering pandemic fatigue, wanting so badly to get our daily lives back to normal. Especially when this time of year is usually so busy preparing for the holidays. We are usually filling our calendars with school concerts, gift shopping, attending holiday parties and dinners. This year is different… a December that we have never experienced, especially if your financial situation is unstable and your family is struggling. Every December issue I write about holiday stress and about over committing ourselves, feeling the physical and financial burnout that this time of year can cause. Here’s the Good News! This is the year of chilling out and keeping it simple! LESS is MORE! Let us focus on the positive things that we can still do and make new family traditions. Yes, you can shop for gifts online if you can afford it but stick to your budget and support local businesses and restaurants. Create a winter break and holiday plan that best fits your family and your present situation. We have so many great ideas in this issue to help you plan the best and no or low-cost winter break ever!

There are no plays, concerts, movies, or activities to attend but you can still go outside and enjoy Winterpeg in all its winter glory. Decorate your home with what you do have. Get the kids involved to create holiday decorations. Go on drives to see the holiday light displays in different neighbourhoods. You can go on walks, go skating, cross country or downhill skiing. You can make your back or front yard a winter escape by building snow forts and snowmen and backyard ice rinks. Make homemade gifts like cookies and muffins for friends and family this year. Get the kids making holiday cards and decorations with recyclable materials in your home. We offer 100 great family fun ideas to keep you busy over Winter Break as well as some fun crafty ideas too… check it out!

Our schools have been working so hard to keep staff and students safe and we are so grateful for all they are doing to at least keep our children’s lives fairly normal. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Kids are happy to in school even with all the rules, cohorting and social distancing. Schools will be offering Open Houses virtually this December and January and so please check out the schools advertising in this issue. As well, this issue offers great articles from our regular contributors, Dr. Jay Greenfeld and Maureen Penko and best suggestions for holiday gift giving, January fun and a yummy ice cream cake recipe.

Please stay home with your family only and celebrate holiday dinners virtually with extended family. When you do go out wear masks, sanitize and social distance to keep everyone safe and healthy! WE CAN DO THIS!

I wish you a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and Kwanzaa!


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