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Publisher's Pen:

I am grateful to live in Winnipeg and Manitoba. We are doing a great job with exceptionally low numbers of Covid-19. Most people are respectful and cautious, following the new rules of handwashing, obeying the arrows in grocery store aisles and social distancing when in public. It takes thought and careful planning when we do go out. I take hand sanitizer with me as I know others do too. Many people are fearful and will not go out to public places. I worry that this is not good for mental health. We need to at least get outside, feel the warmth of the sun, see other people exercise and play while social distancing. Fortunately, it is summer so get out and enjoy it! I recently had brunch with a friend on a patio, but it was a very different experience. We pre-ordered and pre-paid, then went to our table. The server brought us our food in a brown bag with take out containers and plastic utensils. I had ordered Poached eggs on toast with a fruit salad. My poached eggs were in one little cardboard box and my toast was in small paper bag making it quite difficult to have poached eggs on toast. I had to laugh about this as I tried to figure out how to get my eggs on top of my toast without a plate. Fortunately, the fruit salad came in a round plastic container so I used the top of it as a plate and did the best I could to slide my poached eggs onto the toast. It was difficult to use the plastic utensils to cut the eggs on the toast. I applaud the restaurant for doing a great job thinking through how to work within the guidelines keeping diners and staff safe, but wondered about the expense of the paper containers for every single diner. I can understand why many restaurants would remain closed until they could have diners inside too.

We are now 11 weeks into our new lives with daily news briefings, loosened restrictions, and cautious optimism that maybe we can feel 'normal.' Of course, it is the 'new normal.' I, like so many have been fighting a daily battle to figure out how to publish our newspaper with so many of our advertisers struggling to decide what they will do for July and August day camps, classes and programs. We had many ads booked but now, in Phase two, it brings many new guidelines for children's camps and programs. It's great that they can happen but no more than 24 children are allowed in a group and they must social distance, wash hands, no hugging or holding hands etc. One advertiser booked ads that focussed on 'Hands on Learning!' Nope, not happening! I wonder how day camps, classes and programs can still be offered within the guidelines? Will parents feel comfortable sending their children off to day camp or summer programs? That is another difficult question.

We are publishing this issue online only once again and we are excited to reach many families that may not have read Winnipeg Parent. This issue would usually have two months worth of festivals, fairs, entertainment and more in our Family Fun Calendar. Every one of them are cancelled this summer BUT we have compiled 100's of things to do this summer with your kids. Summer fun is NOT cancelled. Check out our Top Ten as well as our 100 Things to Do articles for ideas. Most of these ideas are FREE! We offer great articles by Dr. Jay Greenfeld about Coping with Covid-19 and Maureen Penko writes about Fatherhood. Happy Father's Day on June 21st to all the Dads out there! We will at least be able to get together for Father's Day and that is great!

We hope you will enjoy reading this informative issue. Please click on the links to our advertisers to visit their websites and learn more about their programs, camps and classes. Please enjoy the things we can do this summer and focus on the silver linings of family togetherness! I wish you a safe, healthy, and family-fun filled summer!

Be Well, Stay Safe!

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