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Publisher's Pen:

Are you ready? This will be the strangest Back to School experience ever! How are you feeling about it? Have you done your BTS shopping with a mask? Some parents are happy and some are very concerned. It is also concerning for teachers and their families....although the teachers I have spoken to would rather have all of their kids in the classroom and no online learning. That was so difficult and stressful for teachers, parents and children. After the most bizarre end to school year.... most children will likely be happy to get back to school with friends and teachers and a return to a new normal of social distancing, co-horting, smaller classes and endless sanitizing. That vaccine cannot come fast enough! There will be modified after school and weekend programs for kids which is great to keep kids active. I pray that things go smoothly and there is no increase in virus transmission through the schools. Coaching your children to be safe, social distance and wear a mask if required is essential.

It's not easy juggling all that encompasses being a parent which is an ongoing lesson in time and energy management. With COVID, it makes it even more difficult as it brings a new level of anxiety to our lives. Because of the pandemic, parents will now think about which after school programs are the most important for their children to participate in to stay healthy and active. A silver lining will be that kids will not be over-programmed this fall. I suspect that kids will spend more quality family time at home, doing homework, playing outside and relaxing with siblings and family. There must be a balance in life for all of us to maintain optimum mental and physical health. We as parents must be role models for our children showing them that working hard is important, but quiet time alone/family time together are equally important. Don't forget, it's those times together when children are young that make lifetime memories and strengthen family bonds.

This issue heralds the beginning of Winnipeg Parent's 28th year! 2020 will be the year we missed printing 2 issues but still published them online only through our social media platforms. We were able to reach many families that read online only so that was a silver lining for our publication. This is the first printed issue since our March/April summer camp issue and it includes great articles about Back to School topics from local experts Dr. Jay Greenfeld and Maureen Penko. Our Family Fun calendar offers something to do every day in September. Although most events are not happening, there is still lots to do and explore in our wonderful city and province.

Stay Healthy by washing your hands, sanitizing, and wearing a mask in busy places.

Have a great end of summer and month of September!


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