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I hope you have had a good summer despite the challenges that we have had to handle throughout this pandemic. An beautiful sunny, although too dry summer has made our lives seem fairly normal. It is difficult to imagine that the pandemic we have endured for 18 months is coming to an endÖ. or IS IT? Should we really open everything up full capacity, no masks? We have been so careful, for so long it just doesn't seem right to throw off our masks and abandon all the protections we have used to help us stay safe and healthy. It will be very strange to go maskless at the grocery store, gym or mall. I will leave my mask on at these places at least until September to see how things go. I am fully vaccinated as are all my family and friends so I feel safe around them but, I am not so happy being around unvaccinated people (especially if I don't know who they are). It will now be more difficult to know who is and who is not vaccinated. Why the province is lifting restrictions for unvaccinated people adds a layer of fear to our livesÖ at a movie, concert, or restaurant if you choose to go. My policy of keeping my distance and avoiding crowded places will continue. I hope the province has made this decision because they know where and who the virus is still affectingÖ unvaccinated people in specific demographics. I am so proud of our city and province as we lead Canada and much of the world in our vaccination numbers.

What about kids as they head back to in classroom school? Kids under 12 are not vaccinated and fortunately healthy kids have not become seriously ill from Covid so that's a good thing, but what about immune-compromised children? How will they be protected? Will parents have to home school or find online learning options for those children? We are not out of the Covid woods yet! Most schools did an awesome job throughout the past school year despite the incredible stress and challenges and I know they will be so happy to have their children and staff back together this fall.

This issue marks the beginning of our 29th year publishing Winnipeg Parent. The 28th year will be one we will forever remember as the most difficult our in our history. I want to personally thank our advertisers who kept advertising over the past year. We could not continue with you! This issue marks an exciting return of many of our advertisers to our publication. We are so happy they have weathered the storm, have kept moving forward and now can re-open fully to families and children. Places like the Manitoba Museum, Children's Museum, Dalnavert Museum, dance, music, recreation and gymnastics centres are all excited to let you know they are fully re-opening safely and ready to resume careful classes, programs and events. Check out or advertisers and their programs and register your children now for fall. It is exciting for kids to be able to be together once again!

This issue offers great articles from our regular contributors about going back to school and getting back to normal life. Let's keep on being careful, wearing masks inside and in crowded places and keep on sanitizing to thwart a fourth wave of this pandemic.

Have a smooth and safe transition to fall!


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