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Backpack Tips For Back-To-School

By Tamra Daye of Daye Chiropractic

It is back to school time once again! That means the excitement of new backpacks and loading them up! However, incorrect wearing of a backpack can contribute to health problems including pain in the back, neck and shoulders or development of poor posture. Making sure that your children wear their backpacks properly can help prevent such issues. The following tips will be beneficial to helping your child start their year off in the right direction!

  1. Start with a lightweight backpack. Material should be lightweight but durable such as canvas.

  2. Make sure the shoulder straps are wide and padded. This will give support and prevent the straps from becoming too tight or digging into the child. These straps also need to be adjustable to create a snug fit.

  3. The back should also be padded. Padding that sits against your child's back will provide additional support and prevent discomfort.

  4. Look for a backpack with a waist strap. This will hold the contents closer to your child's back which can help to maintain balance.

  5. Multiple compartments. This will be easier to evenly distribute the weight of the items inside. The heaviest items should be packed low and toward the center of the bag.

  6. Both straps should be worn at all times. This distributes the weight more evenly and prevents your child from leaning to compensate which can lead to neck and back pain.

  7. Do not overload! The backpack should not weigh more than 15% of their total body weight. Anything more can force children to slouch or hunch to compensate for the extra weight. Remove any items that are unnecessary.

  8. Strengthen your child's spinal health. Many issues can be prevented or resolved through chiropractic. Finding minor issues early means they can be corrected before they grow into major problems. As kids get older they may start to take up sports, dance or gymnastics. As sports become more competitive children can become more susceptible to injury. Preventative care can help prevent these minor traumas from escalating into something more complicated. Postural changes are also seen now in the earlier years due to video games and cell phone use. Early detection is key to proper development. Pediatric adjustments are gentle, safe and effective. Start the year off in the right direction with a visit to your chiropractor!

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