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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Use what you have, keep it safe so kids can move around and not trip. Search for what you have and create something from nothing. Search your toy box, kitchen and closets for ideas to get you going.

Garbage Bag Costumes: Cut head and arm holes in bag

Bag of Chips - use chip clips and tape front of real chip bag on front and back of garbage bag)

Bag of Money or Money Tree - Use play money from dollar store and tape all over bag or just coming out the top. Add a hat/touque with money glued all over it.

Bee - Black Garbage Bag - Add yellow crepe paper stripes and headband with antennas out of pipe cleaners

Swamp thing - Glue leaves all over the garbage bag and a hat

Pumpkin - Orange Garbage Bag - Tape black tape vertical stripes- Make holes in bottom for legs and near top for arms.

Bag of jelly beans - Large clear Garbage Bag: Fill a clear garbage bag with small colored balloons. Make holes for legs in bottom of bag and arm holes near top

Other Costume Ideas:

Spa Girl - Bathrobe, Slippers, Facial mask, hair wrap

Hockey/Baseball player - Use your own equipment

Butterfly - Use own leotard and tights - make wings to wear

Construction Worker - construction hat, tools, boots, etc

Cat or Dog - Use leotard and tights - attach ears to a headband and make a tail.

Cowboy - hat, boots, chaps, toy guns

Ghost or Mummy - White sheet,

Hippie - Tye dye shirt, long hair wig, love beads etc

Punk Rocker - wild colored hair, black cloths and chains

Princess - crown, wand, frilly dress or cape

Glow girl or guy - purchase novelty flashers and glowsticks and wear them all over you.

Greaser - Leather Jacket, tight jeans, white t shirt and gelled hair

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