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Entrepreneurs start early and are all around us!

The students at Balmoral Hall School have an incredibly innovative program – The Venture Development course – that begins in Grade 9 and helps to develop critical thinking and an Entrepreneurial spirit.

This course is a hub of innovation. With the help of visiting experts from industry, students dive into the world of entrepreneurship and learn the ropes of creating and running small ventures. Throughout the year they reflect and analyze using their learning in an attempt to strengthen their success.

In 2023, the Venture Development students and their teacher took their creative spirit and thought ‘outside the box’ of their 4 classroom walls. The result was the ‘Maker Market’.

The “Maker Marker” is a small store inside the school where students can learn how to sell products they have developed through the course and beyond. It also gives the community an opportunity to support these fabulous young people.

“This course is a hub of innovation…

Some fun facts from this course and the Makers Market:

• The physical space was designed and set up by 2023 graduate Inez Mayberry.

• All products are uploaded by the students to the Makers Market online Shopify platform for purchase.

• The Maker Market is open to all students, staff, and alumni to sell handmade products.

• Students are responsible for approval of the products in the market and on educating the students on how to apply.

• Visit the Balmoral Hall School Maker Market on their instragram account: @makermarketbh

One of the many Young Entrepreneur ‘Makers’ in the Market…

Venture Development student Anna Gould is a success story of the program and the Makers Market. Anna came up with the idea of ‘Study Buddies’ and crocheted these wonderful little friends throughout her grade 9 year. Not only did Anna’s ‘Study Buddies’ become a must within the school community but also captured the hearts of the greater Winnipeg audience at “The Summer of Locals” market. Her savvy marketing and commitment to social entrepreneurship saw Anna donating a substantial $1000 to The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

Anna remains a driving force in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In collaboration with the Grade 10 Ventures and Beyond group, she works on enhancing the Maker Market’s visibility, as well as planning a high school pitch competition in collaboration with North Forge Technology Exchange exemplifying the lasting impact and enthusiasm fostered by the Venture Development course.

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