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January/February 2024

Happy 2024! 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but writing 2024 seems a little crazy! The past year has flown by and now we are onto the next. My new year’s resolution is to go into 2024 with more ‘purpose’. I don’t mean filling my calendar with more things to do, or constantly being busy. I mean just the opposite. 

This issue of Winnipeg Parent is focused on tweens and teens – to help them do that too. They have so much more to navigate in their daily lives than we parents did. I am hoping to lead my household by example in 2024. I would like this year to be more purposeful or mindful in how I spend my time. 

Enjoying the moments with family and friends. Maybe picking up the phone and calling a friend as opposed to texting them. Being more present when I spend time with family. Putting down our devices more often and playing a board game instead. 

In this issue of Winnipeg Parent, you will find suggestions on how to help your tween and teen in 2024. Whether that be in nutrition, journaling, or something as easy as getting more sleep during the school week. We have ideas and suggestions on this and more! 

Cheers to you and your family. Wishing you all health, happiness and a new year of fun memories to create!