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June 2024

June 11, 2024

June 2024

We have an exciting contest for you to be a part of this June!

Prairie Toyota Dealers and Winnipeg Parent Newsmagazine want to send you and your family on your own road trip adventure this summer with a chance to win $750 in gift cards of your choice! Read more about this contest, and the Prairie Toyota Dealers, in this edition of THE SCOOP.

Speaking of road trips, have you got your summer plans in place? Summer camps, visiting family and friends, spending days outside in the sunshine? The Winnipeg Parent website has fun ideas and crafts to fill your summer days, camps for the kids to attend and many other things for you to do this summer.

Whatever your plans may be, enjoy these last few school weeks and make the most of the month of June!

Dana Todd


Find Your Own Adventure, With TOYOTA

Prairie Toyota Dealers and Winnipeg Parent Newsmagazine want to send you and your family on your own road trip adventure! Enter to win a prize package of $750 in gift cards of your choice. (Read more and enter)

Summer is a Great Time to See to Your Child’s Vision

When you have a bright child who doesn’t achieve to potential, we often affectionately call them underachievers, because we know they are capable of achieving so much more. As a parent, it can present quite a challenge to figure out how to “inspire” your bright child to get the work done while still helping your other children and getting all the chores done at home. (Read more)

Engaging Children With Autism in Active Play

As a parent, providing opportunities to develop my child’s physical literacy is something I’m often thinking about. I can certainly feel frustrated when he wants more “screen time” than “green time” outside! However, for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), these challenges can be amplified and sometimes seem overwhelming. (Read more)

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Revamping the Explanation of the Value of a Dollar Saved in 2024

One of the many ramifications of COVID that continues to gain attention is the rising cost of …. everything. Throughout much of 2020, it was difficult for products to be produced and sold, but that challenge continues to present itself leaving families to struggle with how to balance their budgets for both needs and wants, only leading to more stress. Consequently, parents are needing to redefine how they attempt to control their spending habits and thus impart that knowledge on to their children. One of the most common stressors parents and families experience is available funds, as it is often the case that money is the hand that rocks the cradle in many households.
(Read more)