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November 2023

November 22, 2023


November 2023

As we come to the end of November  

It’s starting to feel festive out there on the streets. Lights are going up and, looking in windows, I’ve already spotted a decorate tree or two. There is a buzz in the air.

Going into the busyness of next month, it’s important we remember to take some time to enjoy the moments, both large and small. I know for me; I get caught up trying to make things picture perfect for everyone. Remembering to slow things down, just sit back and enjoy family and friend at this time of year is a must. 

However, before we get there, our local experts are here to help take us through the rest of this month. They have great suggestions on meal and lunch prep, how to work with your child’s screen time and don’t forget about the importance of tummy time for your little one. Anderson Vision and Grand Vision also help identify vision problems, particularity if you are seeing changes in your child’s behaviour this school year.

Take a moment to check out The Scoop this month and watch for our special Gift Giving edition of Winnipeg Parent delivered throughout Winnipeg December 1st.

Enjoy the moments of calm before December comes!

Dana Todd


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The types of vision problems which interfere with reading and learning impact how the eyes move and how they work together, so a child can pass a vision screening that tests for distance vision very easily because they can see the letters on the eye chart. As a result, vision can often be incorrectly ruled out even though eye movement and eye coordination disorders could be interfering with reading and learning. (Read more)

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