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Choosing a Camp for Your Child or Family

Family standing around a campfire with marshmallows on sticks roasting.

There is no ‘best’ camp, but there may be. a best camp for your family. We recommend the following.

Work with your child to determine their preferences in terms of;

• What activities they want to do at camp

• The size of the camp (options range from 30 to 150 or more campers)

• Coed or single gender camps

• The age range of campers – some camps focus on a narrow age range while others will have 6-16 year olds at camp at the same time

• The length of time they will be at camp.

You need to consider:

• The value you place on ‘Accreditation’

• How much you would like to pay for the camp

• Whether you need the camp to provide transportation

• Does your child have any special needs

• Use the information you have prepared to select a number of camp options as you go through review the list of Accredited Camps.

• Contact the camp to find out if space is available and to ask any additional questions you may have (including registration processes).

You should then have an idea as to your first two or three preferences. Now all you have to do is register for your first preference.

The Manitoba Camping Association recommends choosing an Accredited Camp.

Visit for further information about accreditation.

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