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December 2023

December 14, 2023


December 2023

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Winnipeg Parent!   

The December issue of The Scoop is here to help you through your holiday celebrations. In this issue, our local writers help with embracing old traditions and creating fun new ones, provide suggestions for gift giving, and offer simple ideas that you and your family can do to help inspire new healthy traditions around festive food and the many mealtimes to come.   

With our unusual December weather, now is a great opportunity to start something new, fun and festive. Grab a thermos of hot chocolate and marshmallows, some friends or family and walk your neighbourhood enjoying the jolly and joyful holiday lights. Crisp fresh air is always great for the soul, and being outside without having to bundle up in five layers of clothing is a holiday wish-come-true!

However you celebrate this season, enjoy your time with family and friends.

From everyone at Winnipeg Parent we would like to wish you Happy Holidays and safe New Year!

Dana Todd


Evaluating Your Priorities for the Holiday

We were spoiled with a surprisingly late extended Fall as some people were wearing shorts in November, yet living in Manitoba a cold winter is inevitable. However, winter is often synonymous with the holiday season and then comes the commercialization bombardment of gifts. What often gets neglected in the process, especially with our children is giving back exhibiting acts of kindness. We tend to preach that certain priorities are important during the holiday season, yet some of the core values that we embody and try to ensure our children take on, become lost. We are living in a very tense world right now and exuding kindness can do more for us physiologically than we tend to realize. (Read more)

Attention Parents: An Important Word About Toys

It is time to find presents for our kids for the holidays. Most parents try to find toys that are not only fun, but are either educational or help with overall development. Fortunately, many toys play a vital role in not only overall development, but also visual development. (Read more)

Healthy Holiday Traditions: Beyond the Plate

The holiday season has arrived! Families can make the most of this wonderful time of year by creating lasting memories through meaningful and healthy experiences. Food plays an integral part of our holiday traditions. We look forward to special meals and snacks that we only eat this time of year.

I encourage you to think beyond the plate this season. Try these simple ideas to engage your children in festive activities and be inspired to create new healthy holiday traditions. (Read more)

Craft a Pipe Cleaner Holiday Tree!

This holiday craft is not only fun, but it also helps build fine motor skills and patterning with your little ones.
(Read more)