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July 2023

July 21, 2023


July 2023

Inhale… Exhale… Repeat.

These are the months that I do my very best to remind myself to enjoy the slower pace of not having a timetable for everyone in the house. There are no lunches to be packed, no set time to wake up and make sure everyone gets to school before the first bell, and no having to settle someone’s panic because homework was lost.   Ahhhh summer!

We are now into full summer swing. I hope you can take some time to enjoy your family, your friends and squeeze in a quick walk, unscheduled nap or finish that book you started.   

In this issue of The Scoop, you will find activities for that August road trip you may be taking, and fun filled backyard activities for your little ones, if you are staycationing! Dr. Jay Greenfeld, Clinical Psychologist at Mind Matters Clinic, provides some great information on how to conquer summer brain-drain (because it’s true that school is around the corner!),

Wishing you a month of fun and a slower paced schedule with your kids and friends! 

Enjoy the moments!

Dana Todd



When it’s time to hit the road for family vacations, the idea of spending endless hours in the car can feel intimidating. Don’t get discouraged. There are things that you can do to get kids to burn off some extra energy on road trips.

Here are some of my tips and tricks: (Read more)


I was never much for sports in school, nor in my adult life, for that matter. I wasn’t quite the last kid picked for team sports, but it usually came close. I found every excuse not to participate in gym class. I lasted four sessions when my parents signed me up for private tennis lessons and the thought of joining any kind of after-school sports teams sent a chill down my spine. I constantly felt out of place in the competitive atmosphere.

I found the camaraderie teens often sought in theatre and the arts. This continued into my grown-up life as I grew into an adult who enjoys more sedentary passions like reading, movies, cooking, and knitting. Gardening was about as active as things got, but my love of nature did produce a love of the great outdoors. (Read more)


Summer months are full of sunshine, outdoor play and exciting activities …and can be exhausting! Trying to keep your kids, and sometimes their friends, busy during summer vacation can be a full-time job.

Kari Svenneby, Active for Life contributor and mom of self-described ‘outdoor kids’ has some fantastic and fun suggestions, right in your own backyard! (Read more)


Although all of our children need a break from the routine of school, that does not mean learning has to stop throughout the summer. One of my children attended Forest School through Fort Whyte Alive and it was very clear how much learning took place even though he was not in the classroom at any point in time. I have always shared with many that I would not want their education to interfere with their learning and that holds true for the time away from school. The depth and breadth of learning that can and needs to continue for our children throughout the summer is crucial for maintenance and as a way of preventing a lapse prior to the fall.

When learning any new skills or strengthening any part of your physical or mental self, consistency is key. If we take time off of aerobic exercise or any form of strength training, our muscles and body become atrophied and the time needed to recover and return to form takes even longer. Similarlily, when we take any extended time away from our mental strength can often contribute to worries, concerns, and doubt going into the school year in September. As a way of preventing any form of concerns related to confidence, Anxiety, and fears about starting school after a long summer break, implement school skills in an informal way throughout the summer. (Read more)

Safety Alerts for your family from Manitoba Hydro

Are you a do it yourselfer? Don’t get shocked

Summer projects like building a deck or fence may involve the use of power tools

outdoors. Manitoba Hydro wants to keep you safe. Remember even a little current can kill. If you feel a shock while using an electric tool, throw it away. Safely discard the tool the first time it shocks you – next time you may not be so lucky. (Read more)

Is your home safe for your kids?

More than half the children who end up in the emergency room due to an electrical injury or burn are under the age of five. Because electric appliances are so common in our homes, it’s easy to forget that their use comes with the risk of severe injury and death. That’s why looking around your home for electrical hazards and teaching kids about electrical safety at the earliest opportunity is such an important job for parents. (Read more)